How to Organize Your Salon

Organization can be a Stylists’ best friend. This can speed up an appointment, make your space look more professional, and reduce stress. Even small salon spaces can be organized to be clean and efficient. Here are some great tips for creating a better working space.  

1. Use your wall space 

One of the most neglected spaces in salons are the walls. Here, you can mount shelves that can serve as valuable storage space. Hair dye wall shelves are one of the most popular options for organization. You can get visually appealing color tubes to use from the Alfaparf Evolution of Color line on Premier Beauty’s webstore.  


Wall Space


2. Keep cords and clutter out of sight.  

Cords, boxes, and tools can create unnecessary chaos in salons. Try to keep them organized by strategically choosing where to plug things in and how to store your products. It’s also important to keep things clean without a chemical smell. Use UNITE Protects Disinfectant Solution to wipe down chairs, countertops, and door handles. Jessica Thorton, an experienced Stylist, has her thoughts about how to organize her space. She says, 

“I like having my dryer plug and holder behind the chair and on my right. Having cords across a client doesn’t work for me. Drawers to one side, not in front of the client for the same reason: out of sight lines, clean look. I had drawers made the same depth as my color boxes, so they stand vertically and are easy to see and organize.” 

Reduce Clutter

3. Make sure that you're organizing your space to be inviting.  

Inviting Space

Organization doesn’t just mean making it easier for the Stylist; it’s also important to make the client’s experience more enjoyable. Julianna Rose from Rose & Co Salon shares her ideas for creating a more inviting space. She says, 

“One thing that I kept in mind was the different feelings in your salon that certain placement offers. For instance, I have worked in a salon where all the chairs were down on either side with a mirror on the wall. I felt that this offered a more inclusive space to mingle and have a conversation with other StyLists and clients.”  

Having a clean and organized salon means a better workspace for Stylists and a better experience for clients. It makes work more efficient and enjoyable. For more aesthetically pleasing tools and organization techniques, explore the StyList by Premier Beauty webstore. 

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