Our Favorite Fall Hair Trends.

Humidity is dying down and the chilly, crisp winds of Fall are quickly blowing into cities everywhere –  with it a fresh wave of hair trends. So, whether you’ve rocked salty beach waves all summer or fought the heat and humidity-induced frizz with a slicked back twist in a claw clip, it’s time for a Q3 refresh. We’ve got you and your clients covered, from the hottest autumnal colors and cuts to hair care tips to last the season.


Outgrown Fringe

An outgrown fringe is perfect for those who jumped on the curtain bang band-wagon and want a low-maintenance look. We expect many clients from stick-straight to kinky-curly,  will embrace a bit of outgrowth, minimizing styling time and maintenance. For example, offer a deep conditioning treatment or a light trim of the split ends as seasonal upkeep. 



Eye-grazing wispy curtain bangs

Taking those soft, voluminous, 70’s styling trends of Summer to an edgier place for the spooky season, keeping the curtain bangs but shortening them to just below the eyebrows and adding a little face-framing. Think 2021 Gossip Girl’s Audrey - truly a Jenny Humphrey meets Blair Waldorf persona. Pro tips: Cut bangs dry - less room for error compared to wet-cutting, and always, always, start longer and go shorter gradually.




Not your typical cold-months cut, but expect to have many clients who are prepared to double up on scarves this Winter because bobs are back in every length and shape. The goal - a wash-and-go natural look. Help your clients embrace their natural look with the help of some light texturizing sprays and creams that will lock in moisture as the days get drier. 

The Shag

An elongated cut makes it the perfect fall transition style. It borders on Mullet but embraces the wearer’s natural texture from kinks to waves, making it the pinnacle of low-maintenance hairstyles. We can thank Ella Emhoff for making this the cut-of-the-moment. 


Grown out Platinum

From Gossip Girl to Billie Eilish, platinum blonde saw an uptick once we all emerged from our quarantine caves last Spring. And the trend is sticking around with just a couple of minor updates. First, the time and money-saving effect of the shadow root make outgrown platinum all the more likely for those not ready to part ways with their bombshell color. Help your clients stay on top of their look with partial foils and icy glazes while maintaining the root. In addition, offer some brush suggestions for those with over-processed hair. It’ll make all the difference for them when dealing with breakage. 


First donned by Gigi at the Met Gala, the ultra-seasonally appropriate shade is likely to be in high demand in the next couple of months. Help clients find their perfect shade of red by showing them multiple options and explaining how the dyeing process can vary from person to person. Additionally, boost the results by doing a strengthening treatment when coloring to keep their locks healthy as the temp drops. This will help build trust in the client/stylist relationship, which leads to realistic hair expectations and keep your client coming back in the future. 

Strawberry Blonde

After Kristen Stewart's edgy toussels at the Venice Film Festival to her 50’s inspired fringe at the Met Gala, the warm, barley pink hue of blonde is just the unexpected update many are looking for as the leaves change color. So whether clients are transitioning from platinum or dark brown, expect strawberry blonde to rise on your list of requests. Help clients keep their moisture as they transition hair colors by suggesting leave-in conditioners or overnight hair masks that’ll combat color damage.


You guessed it, as low maintenance looks are the shining stars this season, expect clients to come to you for hacks to enhance their signature color.  Purple shampoos for vibrance,  clarifying shampoos for brightness, or possibly some blending highlights to achieve a slightly outgrown effect. Think effortless, French-girl chic. 

Fall Styling:

Expert Braids

Not your average center-back braid here. We’re talking thick crown braids, architectural braids, and all-over braids. Without a doubt, these call for expert hands, and we’re betting come holiday gatherings, revenge-party goers will be requesting these more often than not—time to get practicing. 

High Half back Pony 

High ponies have been making a come-back in recent weeks at all the red-carpet events, and we expect this trend to be swept right into Fall with a minor update. So rather than all up, we’re predicting half-up high ponies. We still get the height and volume, but just a bit more neck coverage for those crisp November winds. 

Wet Look

It’s safe to say the wet look is back, likely spurring from the same low-maintenance trend we’ve seen elsewhere. This Fall, plan on taking the unwashed hair look to a more elevated place with slicked back buns and ponies to full-length wavy looks. We’re already seeing this style on the Spring catwalks, so practice up now; this trend is here to stay a while. 

While many trends are driven from an easy-care perspective, don’t be misled into thinking styles aren’t being refreshed. With more and more diversity in emerging stylists, designers, and influencers, we see a wide variety of trends. So be ready for anything and encourage your client’s style to shine through while also helping maintain their hair health. 

By: Leslie Berlin, Guest Writer

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