ELEVEN Australia Demi-Permanent Liquid Colour

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ELEVEN Australia Demi-Permanent Liquid Colour delivers optimal conditioner, shine and natural looking results every time.

Natural Shades: have a neutral tonal direction to optimize intense shine.
Warm Shades: soft golden tones that highlight shine and reflect light for the most delicate warm hues.
Cool Shades: true cool tonal directions capable of a multitude of uses. Can be added to any of the other shades to add an element of coolness.
Fashion Shades: From violet to red to copper these can be used alone or intermixed with other shades to enhance and customize color options.
Pastel Shades: designed to enable you to create unique blondes with soft pastel tonal direction.
Clear: pigment free. Mix with activator for pure gloss service, add to shade to reduce intensity and depth, add with Pastel shade to create a light color wash.

Features & Benefits:
Vegan Friendly
Ammonia Free
Gluten Free
Paraben Free
Cruelty Free
Made with naturally derived ingredients
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