Hotheads Rainbow Pack 14-16 inch

Hotheads Tape-In Extensions Originals Rainbow Pack

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Includes 4 Each:
HB11- Turquoise 14-16 inches
HB17- Hot Pink 14-16 inches
HB23- Lilac 14-16 inches
HB25- Purple 14-16 inches
HB19- Red 14-16 inches
HB13- Ocean Blue 14-16 inches

Rainbow packs are pre-blended. The original blend of human hair and temperature-safe synthetic fiber creates bold and long-lasting vibrant colors. Fantasy colors can be flat ironed or curled. Each pack contains 24 tabs that will make 12 complete extensions.

Hotheads continues to create extraordinary products that are non-damaging and safe while making the application process fast and affordable for industry professionals. It is, therefore, no surprise that Hotheads has discovered the best way to provide volume, length, highlights and dynamic color easily and without damage or hair loss. Unlike other methods available today, Hotheads offers the most simple, fast, and extraordinary human hair extensions and enhancement solutions in the industry.

While most companies are still utilizing and focusing on 20-year-old technology and concepts, Hotheads addresses the current concerns of the professional cosmetologist. Expensive machines, tools, and contracts do not empower professionals to provide the highest quality services. Why invest in bulky, expensive machinery when all you need is a clip and a comb?

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