Keune After Color Shampoo pH4 Liter

Keune After Color Shampoo pH4

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Keune Professional Tinta After Color Shampoo pH4 stops the oxidation process and neutralizes the hair.

Features & Benefits:
Contains natural Citric Acid which closes the cuticles
pH value 4
Vitamin E stops the oxidation process
Silk Protein gives the hair softness and shine
Removes the residues of pigment from the hair and scalp
Solamer UV protector
For professional use only
New fragrance

After rinsing off the hair color, a treatment with Tinta After Color Shampoo and Balsam is recommended in order to stop the oxidation process and re-condition the hair. Tinta After Color Shampoo contains natural Citric Acid which closes the hair’s cuticle and leaves the
hair easy to manage. The shampoo has a pH value of 4. Vitamin E stops the oxidation process after the color service. Silk Protein gives the hair softness and shine. Tinta After Color Shampoo removes the residues of pigment from the hair and scalp. Because of the low pH value, a treatment with Tinta After Color Shampoo and Balsam is only recommended immediately after the color treatment. It is not meant for home use.