Keune Lifting Powder Refill 2 x 17.6 Fl. Oz.

Keune Ultimate Blonde Power Blonde Lifting Powder Refill

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Keune Ultimate Blonde Power Blonde Lifting Powder Refill allows you to take your blonde services to the next level. Creating a beautiful blonde is pure craftsmanship. It’s definitely not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ category. Undertones, hair health, desired blonde level, lifestyle and level of maintenance commitment must all be taken into consideration.

With Keune's extended Ultimate Blonde range, there’s a solution for every blonde ambition, all based on nourishing Silk proteins and available in a multitude of characters. Now even more complete with an Ultimate Power Blonde lifting powder and three ideal Ultimate toners.

Features & Benefits:
Lightens hair up to 8 levels
Decoloring powder for extreme blonde results
Faster processing time*
Gentler lifting with lower % developer**
Improved fragrance experience
Formulated with silk and wheat protein

* 35 instead of 50 minutes=up to 33% faster lifting
** Able to achieve the same lifting as Cream Bleach with lower developer percentage