One & Done Mask Facial Barrier Boxed 100 ct.

One & Done Mask Disposable Facial Barrier Boxed

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One & Done Masks are breathable, water resistant, and much easier to communicate with others when talking.  Solve the foggy glasses problem and the pain behind the ears. 

The perfect face mask for stylists, barbers, optometrists, or audiologists. Masks dispense from a roll. Keep a roll in your car or in your purse. Wear a comfortable mask and know you will not be barred from your favorite store or boarding a plane. Take your roll of masks anywhere your travel takes you. Compact & Convenient!

Features& Benefits:
Adhesive seal below eyes - Reduce or eliminate foggy glasses.
No ear loops needed - Eliminate ear rubbing.
"Nose Notch"  - Center mask without a mirror.
Breathable Material - Easily communicate & breath.
Dispensed from a roll -Take your masks anywhere.
Made in the USA.