April Favorites Roundup: Top Stylist Picks

As April bids us farewell, it's time to take a look at the products that have been flying off our shelves and into the hands of our discerning stylists. From go-to color tubes to coveted haircare products, here's a roundup of the favorites that have been making waves this month:


For the true color aficionado, COLOR.ME offers a blend of naturally beneficial ingredients that not only rejuvenate the hair but also impart stunning shine and color. What sets it apart? Its commitment to environmental sustainability without compromising on quality.


2. Keune Tinta Permanent Color

Crafted with superior ingredients, Keune Tinta Permanent Color not only offers long-lasting color but also provides conditioning and UV protection. It's a go-to choice for stylists looking to unleash their creativity while ensuring the health and vibrancy of their clients' hair.


3. Keune Semi Color

For those seeking a less permanent option, Keune Semi Color fits the bill perfectly. This demi-permanent range offers soft, natural-looking tones with a glossy shine, all while being ammonia-free and gentle on the hair.



4. UNITE 7SECONDS Detangler

A staple for chemically treated hair, UNITE 7SECONDS Detangler nourishes and fortifies while sealing the cuticle and protecting against heat and UV damage. It's a must-have for effortlessly manageable locks.




Dry, parched locks meet their match with HYDRATE-ME.WASH. Packed with antioxidants, this super-smoothing, hydrating wash replenishes moisture, restoring a healthy glow to hair exposed to harsh climates.


Complementing the HYDRATE-ME.WASH, this luxurious conditioner provides an essential moisture boost to dry, parched locks, transforming the look and feel of split ends for a revitalized mane.



7. BRAZILIAN BLOWOUT Original Solution

Say goodbye to frizz with Brazilian Blowout Original Solution. This revolutionary treatment creates a protective protein layer around the hair shaft, resulting in smooth, healthy, and frizz-free locks with radiant shine.




For flexible yet firm hold, look no further than FREE.HOLD. This medium-hold styling paste imparts natural shine while nourishing and conditioning the hair with a blend of antioxidants and essential oils.



9. LEAF & FLOWER CBD 7 Minute Blowout

Reduce drying time and minimize damage with the LEAF & FLOWER CBD 7 Minute Blowout. Formulated with the exclusive CBD Corrective Complex, it strengthens and improves hair predictability for all hair types, delivering instant results with continued use.



10. Alfaparf Milano Evolution of Color³ Evolution of the Color Cube

Rounding off our favorites is the Alfaparf Milano Evolution of Color Cube. This permanent hair coloring cream features pioneering 3D technology for flawless color results, all while being PPD-free for peace of mind.

With these standout products gracing our April favorites roundup, it's clear that quality, innovation, and sustainability are at the forefront of every stylist's mind. Dive into the world of professional haircare and elevate your styling game with these top picks!

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