About Us

Booth renters have too many brands to choose from, no way to differentiate what products work, and don’t have unlimited time and money to spend on testing things out. We wanted to start taking these problems seriously, which is why we developed Stylist by Premier Beauty.

Stylist, powered by Premier Beauty is exclusively created for booth renters and independent stylists, this website is a new digital marketplace of brands that cuts out the confusion on what to buy. Think of it as a “Style List” for stylists, hence the name. Premier Beauty has curated a grouping of innovative brands that will fill a niche market in a booth renter’s portfolio. These are brands that we’ve developed a partnership with, and with over 30 years in business, we can endorse as being beneficial to your business.

Our products will provide stylists with the tools, education, and programs they need to cultivate their skills, build their careers, and be taken seriously as the future of the beauty industry.

Please Note: Stylist By Premier Beauty is for Licensed Stylists and Cosmetology Students only in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio. Please provide a valid license number or student ID when registering to shop.