Best Ways to Strip Box Dye

Often, clients want to swap hair colors without waiting for their current one to grow out. With all the new hair trends and colors, it’s no surprise. The first thing about lifting dye from the hair is determining the quality of the client’s hair. Lifting the color of the hair is a process that requires proper research and patience. The client might even need to come in multiple times to lift the color from the hair completely.  

1. Consultation  

Start with asking clients about their natural hair color. It might be helpful to have book samples so the client can point out which color is the closest. Then, discuss the texture, how often they color or lighten the hair, and what products they use daily. This will give you insight into how the hair will react to the color remover.  


2. Deeply Cleanse the Hair Before Applying Remover 

Use a clarifying shampoo to get as much of the box dye out of the hair as possible. Let it sit for about a minute or two on the hair to absorb any lingering dirt or color. Keune offers a clarifying shampoo with bamboo and fern extract to moisturize while cleansing. 

Deep Cleanse

3. Using the Right Color Remover

Box Dye is formulated to be stronger than professional dye. Box dye also damages the integrity of the hair significantly more than professional. Removing the box dye is going to be a process in itself.  

The goal is to lift the color while keeping the hair as healthy as possible. Use color remover that is bleach and ammonia-free, such as Milbon’s Chemical Color Remover. This color remover is made from citrus enzymes, so it’s a more gentle color remover. Apply the color remover to the hair ends first, as this is the most porous section of the hair and most likely has absorbed most of the color.    

4. Follow Up With a Nourishing Treatment. 

After color remover, the hair will most likely be in a fragile state. Apply K18’s Molecular Repair Mask to restore hair to a stronger state. This formula deeply penetrates the cortex of the hair, so it heals from the inside out.   

Molecular Repair Hair Mask

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