COMING SOON: K18 AirWash™: The Reinvention of Dry Shampoo

StyList is excited to introduce the newest product in the K18 family: AirWash™, a reinvention of dry shampoo, powered by newly patented K18 biotechnology - odorBIND™. AirWash™ is a non-aerosol dry shampoo that delivers a high-performance end result: clean hair without white cast, starchy buildup, or heavy fragrances. This unique dry shampoo is definitely something to try but don’t just take our word for it. Even the Editors at Cosmopolitan are loving it!



odorBIND™ changes the way malodors are addressed in personal care products with its ability to recognize, suspend, and clinically eliminate odors; and leverages a smart- release technology to keep working for up to 3 days after just 1 application. AirWash™ uses odorBIND™ to eliminate odor, while translucent microbeads sponge up oil without feeling gritty or leaving behind excess buildup or white cast, and harnesses biotech-derived mediterranean microalgae to promote scalp health and improve hair manageability. 



Biotech-powered, non-aerosol dry shampoo delivers day 1 hair on contact.

Absorbs oil - made with translucent microbeads to absorb oil without visible starchy buildup or white cast.

Eliminates odors - smart-release odorBIND™ biotechnology recognizes, traps, and eliminates odor-causing molecules and replaces malodors with a subtle fragrance for a clean, fresh feel for up to 3 days Tested on 4-day unwashed hair. 

Supports a healthy scalp - supports scalp sebum balance to promote scalp health between washes and minimizes excess buildup.

Leaves hair feeling and looking clean - deeply cleanses without feeling gritty or heavy buildup, for a run-your-fingers-through clean feeling.

Lasting results - high-performance formula lasts for up to 3 days; highly concentrated so you can go longer between washes.


Translucent, porous microbeads absorb excess oil without starchy buildup or visible residue/white cast. Continues working for up to 3 days.

odorBIND™ biotechnology recognizes and captures odor-causing molecules and eliminates them - replacing the malodor with a subtle, easily layered fragrance. 

Biotech-derived mediterranean microalgae - helps balance scalp and control excess oil production over time.


SHAKE WELL. Non-aerosol format may feel slightly damp but will not disturb your style. 

  1. Hold the bottle 4-6 inches away from scalp for even distribution.
  2. Start with 1 spray per section, increasing up to 3 sprays per section, as needed.
  3. Massage in and brush or style as usual.

SCENT Clean, fresh, subtle fragrance.


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