How to Protect Your Hair from The Pool

Summer is here and we’re ready for the sunny days and pool parties. However, the chlorine in the water can cause damage to your hair. That doesn’t mean you have to forgo your daily laps this summer. There are steps you can take to ensure that your hair stays healthy and protected when you take that dip. 


What does Chlorine do to hair? 

Chlorine is a chemical that kills harmful bacteria in water. Unfortunately, this chemical also often strips natural oils from the hair and makes it more porous. As a result, it’s a common misconception that the chlorine in pool water turns the hair an ashy greenish hue. In reality, it’s the metals in the pool water that stick to the hair follicle and turn it that color. 

How can you protect your hair from Chlorine? 

Many swimmers rinse their hair with non-chlorinated water before jumping in the pool. This is because the hair follicle acts as a sponge. So, it doesn’t soak up harmful chlorine because it’s already full of non-chlorinated water. 

Using Oil as a Barrier

Swimmers can use hair oils to keep chlorine from absorbing into the hair. Oil naturally resists water, so it acts as a barrier. Moroccanoil’s original treatment is an excellent choice as a nourishing solution to protect your hair. It’s made from antioxidant-rich argan oil and vitamins. 



Aftercare for post-chlorine hair. 

It’s important to rinse all the pool water out of your hair after swimming. Aloxxi offers a Clarifying Shampoo that gets rid of hard water, chlorine, and even environmental impurities. Not only can you use it for clarifying your hair from chlorine, but you can also use it whenever you feel your hair just needs a refresh. Then, follow it up with a nourishing hair mask. Alfaparf offers a reconstructive repair mask that makes hair visibly stronger and more resistant. 

We encourage you to take that dip in the pool; just make sure you’re prepared. Browse through StyList to take a look at other protection and restoration products we have in stock. 

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