Introducing the Dyson Supersonic r™ Professional hair dryer: Redefining Professional Styling

StyList by Premier Beauty is proud to announce the arrival of the Dyson Supersonic r™ Professional hair dryer, Dyson’s most precise hair dryer designed for professional styling and finish. This revolutionary dryer sets new standards in the industry, offering a smaller, lighter design without compromising on power or performance.

Precision Engineering for Superior Results

The Dyson Supersonic r™ Professional hair dryer is engineered to deliver faster, smoother, frizz-free, and shinier results (vs. Dyson Supersonic™ hair dryer). Its innovative design pushes the boundaries of comfort and control with a new ergonomic format, making it ideal for all hair types.

An Industry-wide Problem

“Since 2017, we’ve surveyed and interviewed 696 stylists1 to understand their environment, habits and needs. Dyson engineers explored and addressed the challenges faced. A stylist will typically see between 4-16 clients each day, spending on average 30 – 60 minutes styling per client2, adapting their angle up to 30 times during one styling session. Strain related injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome are highly prevalent across the stylist community. These insights informed the Dyson Supersonic r™ professional hair dryer, providing professionals with an agile and adaptive tool that responds to real world demands is essential while delivering superior styling experience and results.” (Findings from Dyson)

Key Features that Set It Apart

  1. Streamlined Flow Heater: The flow heater is designed to streamline and
    evenly heat powerful airflow for precise, fast drying, ensuring no hot spots and a superior finish.
  2. Intelligent Attachments: Featuring specific airflow and temperature settings, the attachments are designed to maximize performance for different styling needs.
  3. Attachment Learning: RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) sensors precisely remember the last used setting on every attachment, ensuring consistent results.
  4. Static Reduction: The dryer emits negatively charged ions to help reduce static in the hair, minimizing frizz and flyaways.
  5. Depth-Loaded Filter: The washable filter is designed for professional use, ensuring durability and easy maintenance.
  6. LED Communications: Programmed with LEDs that change colors to indicate heat setting, airflow, and filter maintenance, helping to prolong the machine's life.

Exclusively for Professionals

The Dyson Supersonic r™ Professional hair dryer is exclusively available to registered hair stylists. You can find it online at StyList by Premier Beauty and at our Chicago and Indianapolis store locations.

Elevate Your Styling Experience

Experience the future of professional hair styling with the Dyson Supersonic r™ Professional hair dryer. Redefine your styling capabilities and achieve superior results with this groundbreaking hair dryer. Order yours today and elevate your styling experience to new heights.

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