The Color Sale of the Year!


Turn up the color in 2022 with Up To 10% OFF Hair color

For those of you whose clients are wanting to change the color of their hair, we have the brands and colors they will just “DYE” for. (Sorry we could not resist) 

In all seriousness, we are READY to add some color to our lives in 2022. Given the many exciting forecasts, we will all be seeing some incredible hair color trends coming our way.  So far, this year, we are seeing everything from incredible coppers, some stunning multidimensional hair color, and an all-new appreciation for the beloved platinum blonde. To help you add color to your customer’s lives we are kicking the year’s BIGGEST COLOR SALE! This year’s Color Sale will run from February 5th through February 11th, 2022. This year we are offering up to 10% off your FAVORITE color from brands such as; Color.Me by Kevin.Murphy, Yellow by Alfaparf, Keune, Eleven, Aloxxi, and Milbon. 

For those of you whose clients want to protect and repair their colored hair, we are also including a FREE K18 Hair Mask and Mist with every order. The intensive treatments from K18 work to repair, strengthen, and improve the elasticity of hair in only 4 minutes! 

Permanent Colors 

Color.Me by Kevin.Murphy Colour

Kevin.Murphy Color.Me brings to life Kevin’s passion and philosophy to unite session work, fashion and hair colour into one luxurious, high performance, multi-tonal, compact colour line. Delivering natural-looking colour and optimum functionality, COLOR.ME is a true colorist’s line, and has been created with naturally beneficial ingredients that help moisturize and rejuvenate the hair, while imparting incredible shine and colour – all without stressing or causing harm to the environment.

80 Honey Based Shades – Color.Me is a compact color line that offers the perfect number of shades

High Performance

Imparts beautiful multi-tonal effects, provides brilliant grey coverage and up to 4 levels of lift

Optimum Color Functionality

 Endless possibilities. Endless creativity. COLOR.ME is so versatile that it can be used as a Semi, Demi, or Permanent color.


Alfaparf Yellow Permanent Color

Alfaparf Yellow Permanent Color is an exclusive formula with Aloetrix and Crystallized Micropigments enriched with precious Argan Oil. Thanks to its low alkaline agent content, it ensures amazingly gentle lightening and coloring, guaranteeing the maximum respect of the hair’s balance.

Features & Benefits:

Aloetrix: an extraordinary combination based on aloe vera, wheat protein and UV filter for hair that is soft and silky to the touch.

Argan Oil: an extraordinary elixir of beauty, used as a basic component for cosmetic treatments by women throughout the world for incredibly luminous and shiny hair.

The Yellow Color chart consists of 70 shades.

So Pure Color Permanent by Keune

Keune So Pure Color Permanent Ammonia-Free Color is inspired by nature, this mild and effective permanent hair color is designed to nourish the scalp and hair while providing high quality color. In line with the So Pure philosophy, So Pure Color is 100% ammonia, paraben and sulfate-free and enriched with certified organic ingredients. The color is enhanced with organic argan oil, jasmine, sandalwood, and coconut oil to relieve any irritation and regulate the scalp and hair texture. The product is also enriched with Phyto keratin, to rebuild the hair structure. With more than 35 intermixable shades to choose from, the options are seemingly limitless. 


Keune Tinta Permanent Color 

Keune Tinta Permanent Color with conditioning, UV protection, and long-lasting color. Formulated using superior ingredients, Keune Color inspires endless creativity.

Four reasons to start using Tinta Color now:

- Superb conditioning

- Silky soft shine

- Durability due to UV Protector

- No staining on the scalp

Tinta Color is based on a coconut derived cream that protects the scalp from staining while providing a creamy, pearlescent texture. The creamy texture allows easy mixing and protects the hair during the color service.

Demi Permanent Colors

Eleven Australia Demi-Permanent Color

ELEVEN Australia Demi-Permanent Liquid Color delivers optimal conditioner, shine, and natural looking results every time.

Natural Shades: have a neutral tonal direction to optimize intense shine.

Warm Shades: soft golden tones that highlight shine and reflect light for the most delicate warm hues.

Cool Shades: true cool tonal directions capable of a multitude of uses. Can be added to any of the other shades to add an element of coolness.

Fashion Shades: From violet to red to copper these can be used alone or intermixed with other shades to enhance and customize color options.

Pastel Shades: designed to enable you to create unique blondes with soft pastel tonal direction.

Clear: pigment free. Mis with activator for pure gloss service, add to shade to reduce intensity and depth, add with Pastel shade to create a light color wash.

Aloxxi Tones Demi-Permanent Colour

Aloxxi TONES Demi-Permanent Colour ensures hair remains gorgeous during and after the coloring process. TONES features the CDP Complex to deliver complete coverage, moisturizing conditioners, and brilliant shine into every strand. Offering 100 colorful shades, TONES gives your clients an opportunity to express their style and experience a fun, interactive salon experience! Transform their experience by taking them from a 9N to a Roman Goddess, a 6R to a Sunset Red, and an 8B to David's Muse! 


- Conditions: Meadowfoam Seed Oil imparts an extra boost of moisture

- Deposits: High-definition crystallized micro-pigments, in a demi-permanent base, deliver superior deposit with no lift

- Protects: No ammonia formula helps protect against cuticle damage during the color process


Sophistone Demi Color

Milbon SOPHISTONE Demi Color is comprised of 42 exquisite blonde, red and brunette shades in an innovative design of 12 tonal groups, 4 intensifiers and Clear. Masterfully formulated, the ammonia-free, deposit only, liquid gel collection has been designed to deliver consistent and predictable results during creative techniques such as glazing, refreshing, adding depth, grey blending, and color correction. An infusion of CPD Technology™ and coconut oil-based lipids result in smoother and healthier-looking color with a lustrous shine. 

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