The NEW CBD PRO Volumizing Treatment from Leaf and Flower

The new CBD PRO Volumizing Treatment from Leaf and Flower has taken the hair industry by storm, with a product that delivers the instant results of a volume styler with the longevity of an in-salon treatment. This treatment locks and lifts at the roots and instantly thickens the look and feel of hair for up to 5 washes. “Leaf & Flower CBD PRO Volumizing Treatment is the ideal complement to all salon services for clients whose hair lacks volume and want fine/thin strands to look and feel noticeably thicker,” said Joe Lamana, Global Director of Leaf & Flower. “In addition to the immediate and long-lasting wow factor this treatment delivers, it’s also easy for stylists and assistants to perform so the salon professional can enjoy additional income with an exciting new treatment that delivers remarkable results.” – Modern Salon

To effectively restore vitality to fine/thin strands, this volumizer is enriched with a proprietary, plant-based CBD Corrective Complex which promotes balance in the scalp, resulting in stronger follicles for voluminous fuller healthier-looking hair instantly and over time. The CBD PRO Volumizing Treatment is suitable for all hair types, and it’s perfect for those who are looking to add volume and texture to the roots of their hair without weighing it down. The lightweight formula is easy to apply and takes up almost no extra time to perform. Here’s how to use it; Start with washing the client’s hair with the CBD Instant Volume Shampoo and follow up with the CBD Instant Volume Conditioner at the ends. Use 6 pumps of the CBD PRO Volumizing Treatment, apply to the root and comb through to the ends. Blow dry and over direct the brush to ensure maximum. Style as desired. Results are cumulative and last up to 5 washes. 

Create long lasting volume without stiff or sticky results. Lock in volume at the root while filling in and plumping up each strand for hair that looks and feels thicker.Get the New Leaf and Flower CBD PRO Volumizing Treatment for your backbar today! Big results for your clients, big opportunity for your business.

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