What is K18 Biomimetic Hairscience?

If your clients aren’t already requesting K18, they soon will be. K18 can be found all over social media feeds and across countless publications and websites including, Vogue, InStyle, Buzzfeed, and at Behindthechair.com, but what is it exactly? We know from their brilliant marketing that k18 is one of the hottest new brands on the market, but who is K18, and what do their products do? How do their products work and how can my clients benefit from them?


K18 = Hair Repair in Just 4 Minutes

Until now, haircare products have fallen into two categories: conditioning treatments that coat hair, or repair treatments that work to patch damage. The K18Peptide™, uses biotech instead of traditional cosmetic chemistry, to reconnect both the interchains and intrachains that make up the structure of the hair. Not only does this repair damage and promote strength and elasticity—it will not wash out with water or shampoo, so hair gets stronger with each treatment.

You Can Use K18 with ALL Salon Services

In addition to provided unmatched damage reversal, K18 is compatible with ALL professional in-salon services. That means you can use K18 during bleach and lightener sessions, color sessions, perms, relaxers, keratin straightener service, haircuts and more. 

How to Apply K18 


1. Before all professional and chemical services, mist hair with water (do not saturate).

2. Apply a generous amount of K18 Mist to hair, section by section.

3. Let sit for 4 minutes to activate. Do NOT rinse out.

4. Dry hair and process as usual.

5. Shampoo, do not condition.

6. Towel-dry thoroughly.

7. Continue treatment with K18 Mask.



1. Shampoo, do not condition (so the mask can penetrate hair more effectively).

2. Towel dry hair until damp.

3. Start with one pump and add more as needed, depending on length, thickness, & hair condition.

4. Work evenly into hair, one pump at a time, working from ends to roots.

5. Wait 4 minutes for the formula to penetrate. Do not rinse out.

6. Style as usual.


Learn more about K18 Biomimetic Hairscience

Interested in becoming certified in K18? You will be happy to know it only takes 30 minutes!

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