Alfaparf Milano Evolution of Color³ Evolution of the Color Cube

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Alfaparf Milano Evolution of the Color Cube is a permanent cosmetic hair coloring cream. Pioneering performance in the professional color service: contains 3D technology that perfectly colors hair. PPD free.

Features & Benefits:
Perfect Color 3D Results with excellent coverage, intense, defined and even casts, unparalleled duration, superior, 100% gray coverage
Perfect Hair 3D Results with extraordinary shine, soft, tangle-free hair, strength and elasticity

Contains 3D Technology: 3 exclusive components in 3 subsequent phases:
Multi Lamellar Vehicle
MLV protects pigments during mixing to prevent them from oxidating.
More pigments penetrate deeper into the hair shaft, causing a reduced opening of the scales. It also helps to balance the level of moisture in the fibre.

Hyaluronic Acid
The hyaluronic acid forms a lattice around the hair allowing a perfectly even distribution of the mixture and perfect adherence to the shaft.

Hyper Intense Color System
The micro-pigments penetrate into the hair shaft and blend to form even larger and more complex molecules.
Mix Evolution of the Color3 with Oxid'o at a dilution ratio of 1:1.5 in a bowl.
Constant application times of 35 minutes.

When Cube natural shades are mixed with HCl and MLV fantasy shades, use the HCl/MLV treatment time rule.