Aloxxi TONES Demi-Permanent Colour

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Aloxxi TONES Demi-Permanent Colour ensures hair remains gorgeous during and after the coloring process. TONES features the CDP Complex to deliver complete coverage, moisturizing conditioners, and brilliant shine into every strand. Offering 100 colorful shades, TONES gives your clients an opportunity to express their style and experience a fun, interactive salon experience! Transform their experience by taking them from a 9N to a Roman Goddess, a 6R to a Sunset Red, and an 8B to David's Muse! 

Conditions: Meadowfoam Seed Oil imparts an extra boost of moisture
Deposits: High-definition crystallized micro-pigments, in a demi-permanent base, deliver superior deposit with no lift
Protects: No ammonia formula helps protect against cuticle damage during the color process
Weightless emollients surround the cuticle with a protective shield

When to use Aloxxi Tones:
Color Refresher on mid-lengths and ends for Aloxxi CHROMA clients
Blend grey/white hair with no lift
Refresh color after a chemical service on the same day
Add shine to dull hair
Toner on pre-lightened hair
First time color clients
Tone on tone enhancement

See manufacturer's instructions for complete directions.

Helpful Hints

4 Simple Steps to Hair Color with Aloxxi TONES:
Determine natural level and/or existing color including % of grey/white hair
Analyze texture and porosity
Identify desired level and tonal direction
Determine color objective to select developer mixing ratio and timing

Color Developer and Timing Chart      
Color Objective Mixing Ratio  Development Time (room temp)  Development Time (w/heat) 
Basic Color Blends up to 50% Grey/White Hair    1:2  20-25 minutes   10-15 minutes
Color Refresher   1:2   10-15 minutes  5-10 minutes
Toner and Chemically Processed Hair    1:2   10-15 minutes  Not Recommended
Intense Tonal Direction    1:1   20-25 minutes  10-15 minutes
Blends Over 50% Grey/White Hair    1:1   30-40 minutes  15-20 minutes

Fine hair is more receptive to hair color; therefore less development time is needed.

Aloxxi H2O2 Creme Activator
Aloxxi H2O2 Creme Activator 7 (2%) is designed to be used with Aloxxi TONES to maintain a stabilized viscosity ensuring proper tonal direction and depth.