Babe Extensions 22.5 inch
Babe 60- Patsy 22 inch
Babe 27/613- Bridget 22 inch
Babe 27A- Veronica 22 inch
Babe 24- Cindy 22 inch
Babe 1001- Yvonne 22 inch
Babe 613- Marilyn 22 inch
Babe 600- Dixie 22 inch
Babe 12/600- Caroline 22 inch
Babe 12- Dottie 22 inch
Babe 8- Lucy 22 inch
Babe 6/10- Eva 22 inch
Babe 6- Daisy 22 inch
Babe 4- Maryann 22 inch
Babe 3R- Betsy 22 inch
Babe 2- Sally 22 inch
Babe 1B- Suzie 22 inch
Babe 1- Betty 22 inch
Babe 80- Frankie 22 inch

Babe Machine Sewn Weft Extensions 22.5 inch

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Babe Machine Sewn Weft Extensions are double-drawn, triple-layered for instant, maximum volume for your client's hair! Sewn onto a track of silicone beads, Machine Sewn Wefts create a flawless transformation with a seamless blend and incredible fullness.

This method is specially designed for client's with medium to thick hair. The wefts may be deconstructed for ultimate customization to meet your client's individual needs. There's no need to worry about glue, remover, or adhesives because the machine stitching holds the hair securely in the weft.

Features & Benefits:
Application time: 1.5 to 2 hours
May be used up to 3 times
Lasts 3 to 6 months with proper care
1 36" wide weft per pack
Available in 18.5" (130g) and 22.5" (160g)

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