Hotheads Tape-In Extensions Originals 18-20 Inch

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Hotheads Hair Extensions are uniquely designed to lay completely seamless and undetectable in the hair. Manufactured with amazing quality human remy hair with the cuticle in tact allows our hair to be reapplied up to 3 times, while still looking and feeling amazing. Clients will get 8 to 10 weeks of wear from each application.

Hotheads Hair Extensions are offered in 4 lengths: the 18"-20" extension falls just above the waistline. Our extensions arrive in their packaging straight, water will activate a slight body wave, which allows them to be worn straight or wavy. Each pack contains 20 pieces, which make 10 complete extension attachments.

Rooted Collection: Our Rooted Extensions provide a smoother blend with our 6 natural shades that mimick the look of slight growth. Rooted extensions are available in 3 lengths, as well as Ultimates. They’re available in our most popular brunettes and blondes.

Ombré Collection: Our Ombré line provides that highly sought after gradation, without the maintenance associated with most Ombré styles. Ombré extensions are available in 2 lengths and 6 gorgeous dark-to-light shades.

At Hotheads Hair Extensions- we believe that one's choice to enhance their appearance with hair extensions should never contribute to hair loss or damage. Our history in hair replacement and hair solutions made this an easy concept to execute. Our company continues to create extraordinary products that are non-damaging and safe while making the application process fast and affordable for industry professionals.

It is therefore no surprise that Hotheads has discovered the best way to provide volume, length, highlights and dynamic color easily and without damage or hair loss. Unlike other methods available today, Hotheads offers the most simple, fast, and extraordinary human hair extensions and enhancement solutions in the industry.

While most companies are still utilizing and focusing on 20- year- old technology and concepts, Hotheads addresses the current concerns of the professional cosmetologist. Expensive machines, tools, and contracts do not empower professionals to provide the highest quality services. Why invest in bulky, expensive machinery when all you need is a clip and a comb?

No Heat, No tools. No Damage.
Fabulous Hair in 1 hour or less.
Clarify your guest’s hair twice with Intensive Shampoo. This process will remove all residue and 21 buildup from their hair. Do not condition or use any styling products.

Blow dry your guest’s hair with a vent or paddle brush. Finish by using a professional flat iron to smooth your guest’s hair to allow for precise sectioning.

Using the Sectioning Brush, begin to section the hair, using your guest’s natural part. Next, create a parting from ear to ear, establishing three sections.

Clip away the two front sections (Sections 2 & 3), as you will begin application in the back section (Section 1), working from the occipital upward.

For a basic full head application, your first row should start at the occipital bone. Each row after should begin on the opposite side of the head than the row before to ensure that you automatically brick-lay the extensions. Sections must be clean and precise, so securely clip away all hair above the row you are currently working on.

1 Beginning on Row 1, on the right side of the head, measure 0.75” / 2cm from your guest’s hairline; the first extension will begin here.

2 Use the Sectioning Brush to take a section that is the same density and width as one piece of the extension.

3 Flip the section up while holding the hair between the index finger and middle finger, using the pinkie finger as a hinge against the head. This provides control of the section and allows the hair to be placed without creating tension.

4 Place the first extension band with the adhesive side facing up about 0.25” / 0.5cm away from the scalp.

5 Roll the hair down over the adhesive band making sure to keep all hair smooth.

6 Place the second adhesive band with the adhesive side facing down on top of the first band, securing the hair between the two bands.

7 Firmly press the two bands together to activate the adhesive. This will create a watertight seal.
How long do the extensions last?
6 months. Hotheads applications last 8 to 10 weeks varying on your guest’s hair growth. This is recommended to eliminate matting, frizzing and tangling, and ensures the extension is always close to the scalp.

Can I reuse the extensions?

Yes, the suggested re-use is up to three times. After three uses, bulk at the attachment area may be created and new hair is necessary. Be sure to purchase Solvent and adhesive bands for your re- service. They can be reapplied up to three times for a total of 6 months of wear; this is recommended so that the extension bond remains seamless.

Is it human hair?

Yes, the hair comes from India. The extension itself is assembled in China with products from Asia, Europe and the US. Our extensions are 100% Remy human hair, meaning the cuticle is intact and the hair is placed with the cuticle all facing the same direction. This means no matting, tangling or short hair returns. Our Fantasy color hair is a blend of temperature safe synthetic and human hair. Bright colors typically have drastic fading within one to two shampoos and this blend allows the colors to remain vibrant. This product can be styled at low heat settings, just like regular human hair products.

Can you color the extensions?

You can deposit color down 2 to 3 levels. We do not recommend that you lighten the extensions. To create a more platinum blonde you can apply a toner to Color No.613 or No.25. In the process of applying color, keep all color away from the adhesive bands. If you decide to deposit color to create your desired shade, it is recommended that you wait 24 to 48 hours from the time of application to allow the adhesive band to seal firmly. Please keep in mind, coloring or lifting the extensions voids their warranty.

Can regrowth be colored?

Yes, the suggested re-use is up to three times. After three uses, bulk at the attachment area may be created and new hair is necessary. Be sure to purchase Solvent and adhesive bands for your re- service. They can be reapplied up to three times for a total of 6 months of wear; this is recommended so that the extension bond remains seamless.

Can you iron, curl or blow-dry the hair?

All of the above heat processes are okay. Do not allow guests to sit under a dryer while wearing Hotheads or to isolate any of the above heat processes to the adhesive bands. Concentrated heat applied to the bands can make the adhesive tacky. Hotheads Fantasy and Pastel colors are made from a temperature safe synthetic blend that can be styled on a low heat setting (do not exceed 300°F/150°C).

What products can be used in the hair?

We recommend that guests use the Hotheads product line. It is formulated specifically for processed hair and extensions. Heavy conditioners are not to be applied at the scalp, or adhesive bands, but rather from mid shaft to end. Remind your guest to rinse longer than usual and preferably in sections, to ensure there is no product left in the hair or on the scalp. Avoid products containing alcohol, oil or ethanol.

How many adhesive bands come in a pack?

There are two different packs of bands. Original bands come in packs of 60. Petite bands come in packs of 36. Each pack has enough bands for 3 reapplications.

How do I remove them?

Apply Solvent to new hair growth and allow it to trickle down the hair shaft in between the adhesive bands. Let it set for 5 seconds and then separate the bands. Do not rub the adhesive band. A good tip is take a styrofoam mannequin head and place the bands on t-pins in the pattern they were taken from the client’s head. This will guar