Keune Volume Root Boost Gel 1.7 Fl. Oz.

Keune Keratin Curl Volume Root Boost Gel

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Keune Keratin Curl Volume Root Boost Gel is ideal for creating lasting volume at the roots and strengthens and moisturizes hair. The ultimate volume boost – with great shine. Keune Keratin Volume Root Boost Gel is the perfect solution for fine hair that lacks body and volume. This treatment helps boost short hairstyles, create special effects, support new hairstyles and refresh regrowth.

Keratin Curl contains active keratin, hair’s main building block. The added keratin penetrates deep into the hair and contributes to conditioned and strong hair. This results in a soft, healthy new structure of the hair with incredible volume.

Keune Keratin Volume Treatment is an easy 4-step salon treatment with a spectacular result.