Keune Tinta Permanent Color

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Keune Tinta Permanent Color with conditioning, UV protection, and long-lasting color. Formulated using superior ingredients, Keune Color inspires endless creativity.

Four reasons to start using Tinta Color now:
Superb conditioning
Silky soft shine
Durability due to UV Protector
No staining on the scalp

Tinta Color is based on a coconut derived cream that protects the scalp from staining while providing a creamy, pearlescent texture. The creamy texture allows easy mixing and protects the hair during the color service.

Triple Color Protection is the secret behind Tinta Color:

Silk Protein repairs and nourishes damaged hair. Hair which is in better condition also stays vibrant longer because the pigments become locked in the hair structure. You will immediately see and feel the hair’s improved condition immediately after rinsing.

Solamer UV protector shields the hair from UV damage and color fading.

The Tinta Cream developer contains LP 300, which causes the pigments to bind better into the hair structure and protects the hair structure during the color service. This results in a long lasting hair color.

Tinta Ultimate Blonde, a complete range of highlifting blonde colors, which can be used perfectly on natural and colored hair. The range includes an ultra lifting color with a cool effect, blonde colors suitable for grey hair and bleaching powders. 

Categories of lift;
Ultra – lifts up to 6 levels
Super – Lifts up to 4-5 levels
Special – Lifts up to 3-4 levels

The secret behind the long-lasting Keune Tinta Ultimate Blonde colors is Triple Color Protection.

The intensive shades of Tinta Color Red Infinity are created with the new color pigment Red Infinity (RI) and gives intensive characters and exceptional durability. These intense red shades offer unsurpassed intensity with proven longer lasting color and intensive coverage. 

The color pigments have an oxidative structure -meaning that once they enter the hair the small pigments join together to form a larger color structure. The Red Infinity pigments form larger structures than comparable Red shades, which ensure that, within both permanent and semi-permanent ranges, the color is more fade resistant and thus extremely durable.

Lifting and coloring in 1 treatment for vibrant color movement. Intense contrast performance while offering optimal care, for highlight and lowlight techniques. Up to 4 levels of lift for a maximum contrast for a intense and permanent result.

Naturally with the same quality as you are used to with Tinta Color. Silk protein repairs and nourishes the hair, UV protection protects from color fading and LP300 color stabilizer binds the intense pigments into the hair.