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This scissor was specially designed for KEVIN.MURPHY by a master craftsman who has been in the business of designing unique tools for over 40 years. The scissor was inspired by master hairdresser and visionary, Carole Lyden Smith. There is no other scissor in the world that is crafted with this unique design.

As it is crafted, the Helix for KEVIN.MURPHY scissor is first curved into a “C” shape. Then it is worked by a metal artist using a honing process on each blade. When used to cut a hair, this Helix for KEVIN.MURPHY scissor will produce everything from a curved line, to a wave formation, to actually encouraging movement into hair that is permanent until it grows out.

The scissor has a very unique shape, it is curved both vertically and horizontally, think of it as the inside of a sphere. Cutting a section of hair with these scissors cause the shorter hair to push the longer hair. Depending on how you hold the scissors you can use the three-dimensional shape of the blade to cut the hair in the direction you want it to go. Cutting with the shears with the curve facing out, pushes waves out to create flicks. Whereas cutting with the shears with the curves facing in, pushes hair in and under to create a downward bend.

The three-dimensional curve is the key for creating the angles required to create real movement. While there are other curved scissors on the market, these scissors are truly unique. They are hand finished using a high tech calibrated piece of equipment that is controlled by the artist creating a very precise and truly unique three-dimensional curve. These scissors are truly a work of art.

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