Living Proof Curl conditioner

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The Living Proof curl conditioner starts defining curls right out of the shower. Start transforming your curls to look visibly healthier after one wash. Easy detangling to help prevent breakage of delicate curls. Improves the definition of your curls. Encourages the formation of curl groupings.
Healthy Curl Complex: Our patent-pending curl technology is a unique blend of biopolymer film formers and emollients that deliver natural, flexible definition while providing ultimate manageability and strength for healthy curls.

Rich Conditioning Base: A well-balanced blend of cationic materials provides a treatment-like feel when rinsed and is enough for the strongest of textures but light enough to not weigh down looser waves. Helps eliminate frizz.

Shea Butter: When combined with emollients, shea butter helps provide cushion and slip to help form curl groupings.