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Neuma neuVolume condition

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Featuring a proprietary blend of plant extracts and essential oils, Phyto Color Complex maximizes color hue, vibrancy and longevity while Phyto UV Shield, an exclusive blend of plant nutrients, protects color from UVA & UVB oxidation.

Features & Benefits:
Phyto Color Complex: A gentle, natural surfactant system that removes environmental pollutants, not color, from hair while plant extracts restore natural health and shine while maximizing color retention and extending color life
Phyto UV Shield: A proprietary blend of certified organic plant extracts enhance depth of tone, reflectivity and hair color vibrancy while essential oils shield color from UVA, UVB oxidation and fading
Tapioca Starch: Softens and smooths hair
Vegetable Protein: Strengthens hair while adding shine
Pomegranate Extract: Natural Anti-oxidant
Glycerin (vegetable-based) : Balances moisture without weighing hair down
Aroma provided by pure essential oils of Vanilla, White Fennel (Star Anise), Patchouli - true aromatherapy