UNITE U:DRY High Volumizing Dry Shampoo

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Turn the volume on high with UNITE'S U:DRY™ High, a volumizing, translucent dry shampoo that quickly absorbs oils plus adds instant volume & texture. Perfect for fine oily hair, or lifeless dirty hair. U:DRY™ High has got you and your oil covered.

Refreshes hair instantly
Absorbs excess oil without buildup
Wash less – keeping hair healthy
Neutralizes odor
Safe for chemically/ color-treated hair and extensions
Shake can well.
Using a sweeping motion, spray evenly onto roots 4 to 6 inches away from scalp.
Massage in at roots using fingertips or brush.
Style as desired.

Tip: For fine, day 2 and beyond-oily hair or just a quick pick me up. 
Hair is left clean and full with lots of movement.
You can also use on clean hair to add texture or to keep oil in check.
Zeolite - Natural mineral formed when Volcanic Ash and lava react with sea water - Absorbent of oils, toxins, and pollutants. One of very few negatively charged minerals, looking much like a honeycomb, it attracts positively charged contaminants absorbs them into the ‘honeycomb cell’ and replace it with healthy minerals.
VP/VA Copolymer - Natural Occurring Polymer - Creates volume between each hair strand.